Augmented/Geo reality Zombie invasion mobile game demo

This is a demonstration of my Honours project, an Augmented/Geo reality Zombie invasion game for mobile devices. This game uses the gyroscope, camera and GPS to place digital zombies in the real world. Players need to kill these zombies by using weapons in an AR FPS view. The GPS allows the physical landmarks around the players to become part of the game world. For instance, if a player dies or gets hurt, he/she will need to go to a real pharmacy or hospital in order to heal up. If the player wants to buy items, he/she will need to go to a shopping area to access the in-game shops. Physical locations can be taken over by zombies in which case the player “needs to rescue” the landmark. It combines both the real world and the digital game world into one plane of existence. They physical environment becomes one giant multiplayer game map.

22 comments on “Augmented/Geo reality Zombie invasion mobile game demo

  1. seniorteam on said:


  2. Hypnokaa on said:

    Whats the app name

  3. Kaintheheartbreaker on said:

    sorry this is just a WIP project right now, it can’t be released on the app store. Hence why I still haven’t thought of a suitable name yet :)

  4. Hypnokaa on said:

    K ten how is your yugioh project ;)

  5. Kaintheheartbreaker on said:

    Lol haven’t touched it since. Doubt i’ll get any further with it.

  6. hilarry21 on said:

    This is awesome! Your work is really inspiring :)

  7. Kaintheheartbreaker on said:

    Hey, there is a satellite renderer function inside the 3D modelling program 3DS Max. Basically you can enter your location and time and it will research the atmospheric data via satellite and render your scene out based on the real environment. It’s not very fast but with Moore’s law in full effect, I can see it being used in real time in a few years.

  8. Kaintheheartbreaker on said:

    The slight delay is probably just a perspective error ingame or some spaghetti code. It is pretty damn smooth already in comparison to the days of iphone 3GS.

    I haven’t added in time of the day yet but I was thinking about having a night and day cycle so you have to use torches on your guns at night. Shouldn’t be too hard to implement. As for GTA.. it’s possible but I dont think ppl will like players walking up to real cars just so they can jack them in-game :)

  9. L6RD7BLU3 on said:


  10. TheWorldEnder on said:

    This looks really promising! Do you think you’ll be able to keep the zombies from “sliding” around when you pan the view? That would be my only nitpick.

  11. Kaintheheartbreaker on said:

    I think the sliding problem can be solved. It’s just a big mathematical error at the moment involving perspective, field of view, camera lens, depth and player height.

    The biggest problem lies in the lack of real object occlusion. By that I mean close objects in real life can’t block out the digital zombies so they will pass through everything like ghosts. This can be solved by using a depth sensing camera like the Kinect to place the virtual objects in the scene.

  12. AmbitLights on said:

    Awesome. Next lets nail real object occlusion.

  13. misterdarkzozo on said:

    awesome work dude when did it go on app store ? i can pay 10$ for it *-*

  14. helmetboy324 on said:

    what is the name of the game so i can download it

  15. AboodAz on said:

    hmmm may i ask why is tht lol ? (cuz tht project was epic BIG time epic) , alsoo this one is great too , keep it up

  16. when will the zombies be more firm in it? i saw in the video if you moved the ipad the zombies moved a little with it, and when is it availeble for download?? and will it work in other countries?(i live in denmark, would be bad to have to go to usa for revive)

  17. Kaintheheartbreaker on said:

    Hey this is just a proof of concept, there is no real game for download. The dream is to make it work globally so you have all of your local landmarks added to the gameplay

  18. Abridgedspeed on said:

    wow this game would suck for me, considering where i live. if you dont count the gas station, i would have to walk about 40 minutes from my house to any store, just to buy stuff. and the closest hospital would be like a 2 hour walk. :( i live in a trailer park, so would be possible to customize the maps, so certain trailers just take the role of certain important places? cause that would make things much easier!

  19. kungfumaster12 on said:

    source code Please :) 

  20. TheGamingMoose on said:

    Pokemon Please that would be so awesome!!!

  21. pesoen on said:

    is there a release date yet? cant wait to get it..

  22. eragonmerlin on said:

    Hi i’m an undergraduate cse student. And i have to choose a project to do for my final year in college. Seeing this and the yu-gi-oh video blew my mind! Would you be kind enough to message me about what reading and reference material you used? Any sites you visited for studying about this and any other helpful stuff like that. Also, how much time did it take you to code this monstrosity of a concept?

    PS: I will be sending you a message and an email at

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