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Beer Goggles: Delivering on Virtual Reality’s Promise.

After 20 years of R&D and 3 rounds of Venture Capital financing(citation needed) Good Times and Didge brings you the greatest manifestation of virtual reality yet to be realized on this planet. Technology continues to deliver on it’s promises of making the world a better place by delivering this straight to your Apple device for only .99. Calculations show we’ll need to sell approximately 1 billion of these to break even on the investment, but experts predict this to happen in the first quarter 2012. For inquiries into future products and current research buy the app and look for updates. To download this modern marvel of science click this link and you’ll be taken to the App Store:

Backlink: Augmented Reality, 1TB Flash Drives and Next Generation Wireless Technology!

Week of January 1st Welcome to this weeks Backlink, remind me again why you are reading this and not watching the video, unless you already watched the video then it’s okay you can continue. Backlinks: #1 – #2 – #3 – #4 – #5 – #6 – #7 – #8 – #9 – #10 – Videos Used: Vuzix glasses: Smart Goggles: Wireless AC: Over 9000! Freddiew: Stalk me – Like the show – Follow me – Drop me in a circle –

Sensics Natalia SmartGoggles, Immersive 3D Glasses for 360 degree Gaming with Android OS

Sensics Natalia, A Pair Of Immersive 3D Glasses with Android Operating System. For Gaming in Augmented Reality 360 degree experience. Sensics, which has patented a technology called stereoscopic vision Smartgoogles with which you can have that feeling in 360 degrees around us and, moreover, recognizes the movements of our hands in real time. Sensics Natalia is full 3D capability and 360 degrees of visibility, incorporating some kind of motion sensor. While the concept is clearly aimed at gaming, there’s no mention of partners or titles. An indeterminate version of Android opens a lot of possibilities on that front, and the PR claims that the SmartGoggles can be used with outside video sources from phones, tablets, game consoles, computers and other devices. Unlike traditional goggles that, at best, provide head motion tracking and rely on external devices for user input, SmartGoggles™ provide real-time, first-person tracking of the user’s hands. This offers a natural way to interact with content, games, and applications. First-person hand tracking can go anywhere with the SmartGoggles™, providing limitless tracking area. SmartGoggles™ represent a dramatic departure from existing goggles, which are essentially a monitor on your head. “Imagine being able to use hand movements and gestures to wield a light saber in a game, to select a movie from a media library, or to interact with augmented reality content,” explains Boger. “Just like the iPhone allowed us to take our

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