How to import Mass Effect 3,2 Models into Autodesk 3DS MAX with Animations / Textures TUT 1/5

For everybody Who is newb in 3D max watch this series you will learn basics : Autodesk 3ds there are a lot of more student content like Maya,CAD, need to create an original account. My Deviantart : You can see here what you can do, or i am looking for some people who want to help me animate and we ll make some short film. 3DS Max Updates ActorX Importer for 3ds Max Umodel Code : .\CookedPC\umodel.exe -export -all NAME OF MODEL.PPC pause Tutorial that inspired me : Part 2 : Want to help you guys that wanna make some pictures and animations how to. So make some cool pictures and fill internet with that.

23 comments on “How to import Mass Effect 3,2 Models into Autodesk 3DS MAX with Animations / Textures TUT 1/5

  1. starscream2092 on said:

    Female Zombie Body -> RGB Tint (R:93,53,36, G:170,113,87 B:27,19,8 Only top 3 numbers) -> Composite with 2 layers (RGB connect to both layers -> Diffuse and Specular level

  2. loxton117 on said:

    I have a similar method, but just wondering, because this is making me frustrated beyond sanity… Do you know what the names of the Normandy file and Reaper files are? I just want the external view of the Normandy and the external of any Reaper….

  3. AmethystStar94 on said:

    Is it possible to extract a custom Shepard model?

  4. starscream2092 on said:

    OFC just you need to find that model of head where you have it. Personally dont know how is shepards custom head named. When you have it just importhair.

  5. SchiererWahnsinn on said:

    Dont think that’s possible, as custom faces are using polygon-morphing, you can see that when using the Savegameeditor. The real mesh is never saved, but you could reconstruct it from the morph-data in the save-file, but that wouldn’t be easy…

  6. TheSnakebass on said:

    Perfect tutorial!!
    Does anyone know what the meshs of Liara or Ashley in the love scenes (ME3)? Because this scenes are not video (.bink), i already saw all the videos. Sorry about my english.

  7. starscream2092 on said:


  8. TheSnakebass on said:

    Very Thanks!!

  9. TheSnakebass on said:

    Sorry, i don´t know if i´m doing something wrong, but all the textures on “Texture2D” folder are very small (10 kb), Why i can´t see the original textures like in you example?

  10. starscream2092 on said:

    Try to extract model from Original Files in the game for example D:\Games\Mass effect\Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\CookedPCConsole or where you have the game.

    and make sure you have folder CookedPC and everything done like i am. See comments here somebody had same problem check his solution

  11. TheSnakebass on said:

    Thanks again! I solved the problem by copying the “CharTextures.tfc” file into cookedPC folder.(the folder with umodel.exe).

  12. Leonsroar on said:

    How do you export level environments, the objects are all separate and when imported just appear at origin. Is there anyway to import them all already mapped correctly.

  13. starscream2092 on said:

    no you need to rebuild it all

  14. Jerome Rustle on said:

    Yeah, I’m new to 3ds max and umodel but I followed your tutorial to the letter and I too am getting ultra low quality textures. Any ideas? I’ve tried several models but still have low quality textures.

  15. Jerome Rustle on said:

    Everything else is fine btw, just the textures.

  16. starscream2092 on said:

    if they are low resolution that you did not followed tutorial correctly , you need to have umodel in your model location check comments here some people solved it.

  17. Jerome Rustle on said:

    I completely started over deleting everything and started again from scratch following every step shown in your video twice and I’m still getting ultra small textures. You are obviously doing something a bit differently because when the character .pcc file is extracted you are getting 3 folders of stuff (and deleting 2) when I’m only getting the 1 main folder extracted (4:52) even though I copied each step you show here in the video exactly. Everything else is good but the textures.

  18. starscream2092 on said:

    Somebody down in comments solved the problem with textures you should contact him or read his comment – TheSnakebass his message : Thanks again! I solved the problem by copying the “CharTextures.tfc” file into cookedPC folder.(the folder with umodel.exe).

  19. tenekox on said:

    For those of you who are not getting the proper textures, make sure the files Textures.tfc and CharTextures.tfc are in the same folder where the *.pcc you are extracting is located. This will allow umodel to extract the textures that go with the mesh.

  20. tenekox on said:

    Oh damn, I just saw the message below solving the issue, and here I was thinking I was going to be helpful ^^

  21. Jerome Rustle on said:

    Fuck yeah! It worked. Thanks.

  22. Wisekill1 on said:

    I have a problem, when I drag the texture files into 3ds like you did nothing happens, I can’t drop them there.

    Do anybody know how to fix that?

  23. 2Protectors on said:

    Can I later import this into Source SDK?

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