MW3 MODERN WARFARE 3 3D MODEL PACK ** Pasword: kuzwaruh Hope you all enjoy this MW2 3D model pack! Please leave a like and subscribe because this took a while to put together. The models are also in C4D format but not textured, you must apply the textures to the models themselves (they will look the same in 3ds max or c4d anyways). Enjoy!

22 comments on “MW3 MODERN WARFARE 3 3D MODEL PACK **

  1. kuzwaruh on said:

    I have them… I’m debating if i should upload or not

  2. EliteNLxGears on said:

    I’ve not found any of them, so you can:
    1. upload them and be one of the firdt ones.
    2. but they will become overused

  3. kuzwaruh on said:

    yea well i’m the first one to upload any mw3 models so yea

  4. GearsDesigns on said:

    could you send them to me?

  5. TheXElectric on said:

    dont think u are, Tes Mes did one to

  6. TheXElectric on said:

    but thanka<3 is it done rigged for C4d?

  7. kuzwaruh on said:

    no idea who tes mes is ^^ looked him up too, no results.

  8. VoodooDz on said:


  9. kuzwaruh on said:

    ah, indeed he did ^^ but he only released one model

  10. VoodooDz on said:

    yeh who cares ;)

  11. TheXElectric on said:

    Messymansedits i think!

  12. Bl4ckH4wX on said:

    wtf dude? 170 downloads and 20 likes? sub, fave and like

  13. jaivs77 on said:


  14. TundraGaming on said:

    how do we get the textures to line up perfectly on the models in C4d please helpppp :(

  15. JaKaaEdits on said:

    Are these riged?

  16. AwsmEdits on said:

    how do i apply the textures in c4d ?

  17. AhmadoozRX on said:


  18. nicogomeze on said:

    you r such a beast! how can you only have 500 subs. you deserve so much more! hope you keep up the good work and stay motivated!

  19. HDDako on said:

    is there a way to apply all the textures in C4D without 1 by 1?? plz answer!

  20. Devlinator94 on said:

    might just be me but textures dont go on straight

  21. BelzProductions on said:

    he doesnt recreate, just gets files off game, lol

  22. xBLaaZN on said:

    could you do one with mw2 characters? :)

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