PS Vita: AR Gaming – E3 Trailer 2012

Bring the world into play. – Experience incredible augmented reality gaming using the PS Vita system’s front and rear cameras to turn the world around you into an interactive, virtual playground. – Download and print off the six free AR Play Cards* to enjoy unique and free games such as Table Football and Cliff Diving. – Use your free AR Play Cards to enhance gameplay in fantastic titles such as Reality Fighters and Fireworks.

12 comments on “PS Vita: AR Gaming – E3 Trailer 2012

  1. ChrisTheProsk8 on said:


  2. 1boompje on said:


  3. fantastichumore on said:

    please go and die.

  4. xxxilenooo on said:

    chi chi lele viva xileeee yo tengo psvita y es entretenidaaaa!!!

  5. MrCollapsedMind on said:

    Heres a rope and a hook to attach to your roof. You know what to do.

  6. HereIsBraden on said:

    what does it mean when they say FIRST

  7. prasad604 on said:

    they just wanna be the first to comment on a video, nothing special

  8. Cmr33xx on said:

    They should make GTA on vita with augmented reality as the main map LOL
    that way it would have a bigger map than GTA 5 and better graphics :D

  9. goalieDG on said:

    I’m going to suggest for the Final Fantasy X remake that they could make a mini game using augmented reality to make your own battlefield like this.

  10. tommmyy95 on said:


  11. ChrisTheProsk8 on said:

    @fantastichumore please go and die

  12. blinxray66 on said:

    Lol did the rock actually exlode at the end?

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