how to create a gun in Google sketchup

hey this video teaches you how to create a gun in Google sketchup.this 3d model tutorial is made by a request .hope it helps . Like US ON FACEBOOK: google sketchup official Follow me on twitter : my blog Gallery: your support makes me stronger.thankyou

Philips | TV Buying Guide mobile app feat. Augmented Reality | by

Visit: CUSTOMER NEED After the successful launch of Philips’ TV Buying Guide (for more background, refer here), it turned out that there was a significant increase of the buying intention of online visitors. Also the click-through-rate to nearby dealers increased. In 2011 Philips therefore set a new target to launch a mobile version for smartphone and tablet users. The main goal of this mobile app was to help users get an even better idea of how various TV products would fit into their own home. INDG APPROACH INDG created a concept of an app that would show customers 3D images of Philips TVs in their own home. This could be achieved by using augmented reality (AR). AR generally allows the screen to show a mix of realtime camera images with 3D images stored in the app. To create an immersive experience, the aim was to show video images playing on the TVs and allowing the user to control features such as Philips’ Ambilight. The initial requirements seemed almost impossible to realize: on the one hand the application required the use of industry standards to support multiple devices and on the other hand the ambitions required the most advanced technologies that are typically never standardized. INDG created the app by combining its Mobile Augmented Reality App Platform with the single source product visualizations that were already delivered for other (digital and traditional) touch points. As such, this project proved that INDG’s approach of ‘engagement at

sexy robot woman ahh they dont make them like this YET 3d model green screen animation 1 s01r01.avi

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